An empty place, no time, with characters molded as statues of flesh and blood in communication with the nothing and the all, where to be or leave to be is the same, -how I’m going to know what I want if I don’t even know what I am-.

Glances that speak quietly insisted on saying what to do without knowing that if you are here is because you cannot be there.

A continuous flow in harmony with dance, where you are there because one day you were part of the many things because of which the time makes history.
Luis Martínez

I’m still sitting so alive and so dead such as when I decide, I say, I sleep, I think, many verbs at the same time to check whether anyone moves me and another one stops me.

I force your gestures to be directed to me even though I have to twist my own hardness and make it tender. I decide to spend my life surrounded by smoke, mysterious and with my face blurred. I hit my head against a wall and exhale clouds as part of disguise.

I look at the world in motion, I do not know stop me; I did not learn to restrain.
I look at the world from the lack of keeping believe that what I need is out.
I look at the world as an orphan girl who is happy to be alone and regretting absence of.
I look at the world through the fog coming out of my lips blurring it.
I look at the world from me and I realize that I have flooded everything and nothing remains.
Daniel Abreu