Life is far too big for us, but this is because we live it so, in a big way. There is no time or concessions for anything halfway, it is always everything even when it is nothing. From these precious moments in which life is calmer we have no memory, just the feeling of peace.

Pain tell us we have fortogoten about ourselves and have let ourselves go. Not the others, we have. The others never have been, never knew us, never loved more than what we could make them believe; the others are pieces of the puzzle, not the puzzle.

What a lot of times a day we are responsible for the others, for their needs, what a lot of imposed and autoimposed obligations!

What a lot of meditations in a unique direction!

And above all, think of all that hurry. What for? To whom? Who will be waiting for us with our needs?, how many people would we wait just for the sake of it, with nothing in exchange?
(Daniel Abreu)

la soledad es una herida abierta
una huella en el barro
una lágrima seca

las soledades nos unen
nos igualan
nos atrapan
nos arrastran
nos envuelven
nos maltratan

silencio mi soledad habla

(J. J. Morata)

Co-production of the Carmen Werner Foundation for Contemporary Dance with the Japanese company Transparence Dance (Yokohama) and the Spanish Ministry of Culture (Cultural Industries)