My name is Carmen Werner and I might confess everything with a word.

But I honor my story with all the women who support me, and a single word would be an interrupted coitus, I would even dare to say an injustice, if this word has any value today.

…On second thought, I will say that not telling this story as I am going to do would be like going to a big gala wearing bargain clothes, but I have been taught that in life it is very important to know how to behave and do what each one should, don’t you?

This is an act of honor to what I have to do and my body would be fragmented as a puzzle if I did not let this tribute come out.

I will dance and all what I dance will be in diagonal (and fragmented), and you will see why.

They will be with me, as parts of a single body that cannot speak, closed between legs and throat.

They are just extremities that whip the air, throwing screams to the universe. Remember, diagonally, always diagonally.

I will accompany this story with some nude in the background so that you evoke in your thoughts the pleasure and pain of the flesh.

I can only advance that I will enter the first, that I will tell you something about the most important women of my life, that I will not lack objects and that they, even without words, more than once have felt what they do not say, and I say so because you can not always feel what one is going through, does not it happen to you?

I’m going to ask you a favor, sit down, be aware of what you breathe and let me tell you, let me give you this.

Then, the story is yours, do with it whatever you want.

Just thinking about what you could do with this I get a gesture in the neck, like that so curious that frogs do.

Daniel Abreu