They say that dreams are a congestion of the imagination overburdened by the unsaid words, the acts not performed, the hate or love affections that we do not and will never express, and also by the not given kisses.

(Van den Borken)

The choreography NEITHER OGRES NOR PRINCESSES is also presented in a duo version —performed by Carmen Werner and Alejandro Morata—, and in a 13 dancers version —a co-production of Carmen Werner Foundation for Contemporary Dance, Provisional Danza, Danza Joven de Sinaloa, Iberescena, Spanish Ministry of Culture-Cultural Industries, and ISIC of Sinaloa.

The dancers of Danza Joven de Sinaloa are:
Georgina Gutiérrez, Mª Guadalupe Carrasco, Jonathan Castillo, Carlos Zamora, Edylin Zatarain, and Mario Cázares.