Carmen Werner

  • Degree in Physical Education from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
  • Study Classical and Contemporary Dance in Madrid, Barcelona and London.
  • In 1987 he created his own company: Provisional Danza.
  • Receive the Culture Award in the Dance section of the Comunidad de Madrid 2000.
  • The Third Prize of the First International Onassis Competition for an Original Choreography 2001, with the play “El tiempo de un Instante”.
  • Mention Award of the XIII Girona Film Festival for the film format “La noche, marejada de un cuerpo”.
  • In 2007 he received the National Dance Prize, awarded by the Ministry of Culture, in the form of creation.
  • Nominated as the best dance performer at the Max Performing Arts Awards in 2006, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015.
  • The wrought iron key that opens the Puerta al Mediterráneo Festival in recognition of the dance career of Carmen Werner, a choreographer from Madrid.
  • Culiacán Choreography Award “Héctor Chávez” 2015 awarded by the City of Culiacán, through the Municipal Institute of Culiacan Culture, with the work “Días de tierra”.


Premiere of “Una vez más”.
Premiere of “De parte de ella”.
Premiere of “Seda”.
Premiere of “De amor y de aire” at the Centro Cultural Universitario, CU of Mexico City.
Premiere of “Magdalena”.


Premiere of “Amor Locura y muerte” at the Victoria Theater. Canary Islands.
Premiere of “Tiempo de conversación” Sala Teatro Cuarta Pared, Madrid.


Premiere of “Allí, donde las flores se mueren” in Sala El Apeadero , Granada.
Premiere of “Una mirada sutil” in Sala Mirador , Madrid.


Premiere of “Deberías quedarte” in the Sala Teatro Cuarta Pared, Madrid.


Premiere of “Tell me” in the Fourth Wall Room, Madrid.
Premiere of “En Blanco” in the Sala Teatro Cuarta Pared, Madrid.


Premiere of “Mucho tiempo, muchas cosas” in the Sala Teatro Cuarta Pared , Madrid.
“Volveré cuando las cosas se aclaren”.


Carmen Werner and Alejandro Morata Premiere of “Algún día” in the Sala Teatro Cuarta Pared, Madrid.


Choreography The invisible woman Premiere of “La Mujer Invisible” at the Teatro Paco Rabal, Madrid.


Provisional Dance - Neither ogres nor princesses. DJ. Sinaloa Premiere of “Ni ogros ni princesas” at the Teatro Josep Carreras in Fuenlabrada, Madrid.


Premiere of “Retratos a un par de kilómetros”. Comunidad de Madrid.
“Hombres, mujeres y otros animales”.


The sky in my pocket Premiere of “El cielo en mi bolsillo” in Uruguay.
“Sin Dios”. Comunidad de Madrid
“Frágil”. Comunidad de Madrid


  • Premieres “El privilegio de morir”
  • Latin American tour in collaboration with the AECI
  • Workshops in Guatemala, Salvador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Miami as part of the tour in collaboration with the AECI
  • National Dance Award in the form of creation
  • Workshop for actors and dancers in the Teatro Ensalle, Vigo
  • Technical classes for dancers at the María de Ávila Royal Conservatory, Madrid


  • Premieres “40 tipos de Vodka”
  • Premieres “Devuélveme mi beso” , Spanish-Turkish production.
  • Premieres “Bajo la campana del vacío”
  • Premieres “I’ll miss you” (duet) with Victoria P. Miranda. Co-production with Teatro Ensalle, Vigo
  • Workshop for actors and dancers in the Ensalle Theater, Vigo
  • Class for dancers in the Centro Párraga, Murcia
  • Technical classes for dancers in the Studio by Nicolás Rambaud
  • Technical classes and workshops in different cities of Bolivia (Sucre, Santa Cruz, La Paz and Cochabamba)
  • Technical class for dancers in Cali, Colombia
  • Course and workshop creation in Valparaiso for the Danzalborde festival, Chile
  • Technical classes for dancers at the Victoria Theater, Tenerife
  • Workshop in Istanbul (Turkey)


  • Premieres “Kill the 9”
  • Premiere of “The End (Hiroshima)” choreographic commission of the Aoyama Theater (Tokyo) in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the first launch of the atomic bomb; Spanish-Japanese co-production for 8 dancers
  • Premiere of “In search of lost time” , choreographic commission of the city of Kobe on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the city; Spanish-Japanese co-production for 14 dancers
  • Technical course in Kobe (Japan)
  • Premieres “Pie Izquierdo” (duo) with Ana Vallés
  • Technical classes in the Association of Professional Dance, Madrid
  • Technical classes and choreographic workshop at the Real Conservatorio de Danza de Madrid
  • Dance classes for actors and dancers in Cajastur, Gijón
  • Course creation and classes for the company La Ortopedia, Valparaiso, Chile
  • Classes and workshop for actors in Lugones, Asturias


  • Premiere of “Skin”
  • Choreographic workshop and technical classes at the Centro Coreografico de León
  • Technical classes at Carmen Senrra’s studio, Madrid
  • Classes and choreographic workshop at the Victoria Theater, Tenerife
  • Technical classes and choreographic workshop at the Galán Theater, Santiago de Compostela
  • Technical course and choreographic workshop at the Aoyama Theater, Tokyo
  • Choreographic commission for the opera Macbeth with the theatrical direction of Gerardo Vera and musical direction of Jesús López Cobos


Provisional Dance Quote.
  • Premieres “The appointment”
  • Choreographic creation for 7 Japanese dancers: “L`ombre”
  • Workshop at the Madrid-South Theater and Dance Festival (Madrid)
  • Dance classes in Cartagena (Murcia), San Petesburgo (Russia), Caracas (Venezuela)
  • Dance classes for the company Da.te Danza


  • Workshop for actors and dancers in Gijón (Spain)
  • Master classes at the Tokyo Dance Biennial
  • Premieres “Hildebrand” (solo)
  • Premieres “Fermina”
  • Several workshops in different academies in Madrid.


  • Contemporary dance classes for “Colegio del cuerpo” (directed by Álvaro Restrepo and Marie-France Delieuvin)
  • Classes of contemporary dance for the students of the first course of the CNDC-L’ESQUISSE – Angers (France)
  • Workshop for the CIE Jean-Claude Gallota in Grenoble (France)
  • Workshop for the International Festival of Contemporary Dance of Korea (Seoul)
  • Workshop for the Choreographic Center of Valencia
  • Premieres “Legion of angels”
  • Workshop for the company Incolballet de Cali (Colombia)


  • Premieres “What the dogs will leave” (duo)
  • Premieres “Fine Romance”
  • Creation of the short film “La nuit, la houle d’un corps” (“Night, swell of a body”) produced by Provisional Danza.
  • Conference at the Latin American Theater Festival of Manizales (Colombia)
  • Workshop with the students of the University of Bogotá
  • Workshop for the Theater Institute of Gijón (Spain)


  • Choreographic creation for the students of the second course of the CNDC-L’ESQUISSE – Angers (France) -, “Veneno”
  • Release “Tell me you love me” (street choreography)
  • Premieres “The time of a moment” (Opera-dance)


  • Choreographic creation for the company Proyecto el Puente, from Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), “Tulku”
  • Premieres “Irreverente Quietud”


  • Premieres “Calle 4” (street choreography)
  • Premieres “Rincón de Lobos”
  • Video-Dance: “7 Times in a single afternoon”
  • Premieres “Crispin’s fingers” . Choreography for children, Fourth Wall company


  • Video-Dance: “Like the emptiness”
  • President of the jury for the First choreographic competition of Mas Palomas, Canary Islands
  • Premiere “Courage, scene 13”


  • Premieres “Only a hurricane could”
  • Video-Dance: “Z”
  • Premieres “Men also move walls” (street choreography)
  • Master workshop in the Menagerie de Verre, Paris
  • Master workshop for actors and dancers in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


  • Release “2 days for 5”
  • Video-Dance: “Mud shadow”
  • Premieres “Picture of an ugly woman” (street choreography)
  • Participate in a production together with Ziradanza
  • Choreographer invited by Andanza with “The third woman”
  • Conference at the Royal School of Dance of Madrid
  • Conference in Kolonia (Germany)
  • He teaches a master workshop for actors and dancers sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture


  • Premieres of “Bread of tears”
  • Guest choreographer with Matarile Teatro premiering “Café de Noite”
  • Participate in a production with 10 & 10 Dance


  • Premieres “History of some hung”


  • Premieres “Of the cytoplasm and other reticular agents”
  • Guest choreographer for “Calibán” of the company Deliciosa Royala


  • Premieres “An issue in which we do not repair”


  • Master classes and workshops in Madrid and in the rest of Spain.


  • Premieres “You, what do you think?”


  • Premieres “At the moment …”


  • He founded the company Provisional Dance


  • Participate in the productions of Escape Dance


  • Dance teacher in a project promoted by the Autonomous Community of Madrid to train dancers