Carmen Werner Foundation for Contemporary Dance

Logotipo de la Fundación Carmen Werner para la danza contemporánea

The “Carmen Werner Foundation for the Contemporary Dance” takes as a main target the diffusion of the Contemporary Dance, searching the better knowledge and enjoyment, aspects that are evident along the whole trajectory of the founder Carmen Werner and her resident company Provisional Dance.

One of the inevitable goals since there began the tours along the foreigner of Provisional Dance has been the collaboration, both of the company and of her director, Carmen Werner, in scenic creations of very diverse character with choreographers, ballet dancers, actors and theater directors of other countries.

These collaborations have been translated throughout the years in numerous productions and co-productions with other companies, classes, workshops and scholarships of formation for dancers and artistic and technical advice in magnificent creative projects that had not set without this support.

The desire to structure this incessant activity that Provisional Dance develops in parallel to their own creations of the company, were materialized with the constitution of the Carmen Werner Foundation for Contemporary Dance  in the year 2009.

The targets of the Foundation are:

  • The promotion and diffusion of the contemporary dance, both at home and abroad context.
  • The formation and development of dancers, choreographers and artists in general connected with dance and theatre across a continued work of creation and of method.
  • The assistance and support to emergent companies of Contemporary Dance and Theater.
  • The investigation on new tendencies of choreographic creation.
  • The establishment and maintenance of a center of creation for the Contemporary Dance.