Sometimes the words remain short or we don’t understand them
and in this women’s dialogue that we consider it happens that we coincide with this.
– but … are you listening to me?
– I am fed up
– Me too.

Darkness surrounds all of us, but as the wise stumble on a wall, the ignorant remains calm in the center of the room.
Anatole France

When the words show its fragility we discover the doubts that remain secret in
We are a wall dancing out of it in a space where the traces evaporate the air dreamed for
the looks. The movements adopted by the place find the breath in the liberated intimacy
for the emotions generated with the body.
The dialogues attracted by the silence of the shade look in the clarity of the reflected waters
certainty of the doubt. We do not know that to do … we will Keep on dancing.
Luis Martínez