The memory is the brain function –and, at the same time, the mental phenomenon– that allows the organism to encode, store, and retrieve information. It arises as a result of the recurrent synaptic connexions, which create neural networks (long-term potentiation).

From a practical point of view, memory –or rather memories–, are the expression that some learning occurred. Thus, the difficulty of studying memory and learning processes separately.

This is a proposal that brings up the significance of the good and bad experiences, the learned mechanics, the pleasant moments saved in the memory. After youth, and for most of our lives, human beings live out of our memories; the older we get, the more we remember, and the more delight we take in our good memories. It is a way of escaping and, sometimes, of surviving.

Memory is a co-production of Provisional Danza with the Japanese company Shun-Project through the Carmen Werner Foundation for Contemporary Dance.

Supported by The Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts Japan programme.