Provisional Danza

Contemporary dance company of choreographer Carmen Werner


For a human being, every fellow men should have imprinted on his brow a warning saying: “Very fragile, handle with care.” If it were not like this, if we all thought we are invulnerable and everlasting like Gods, who would worry about how to deal with everybody else? (F. Savater)


Irresponsibles are little stories about persons. The dancers introduce themselves without hang-ups in their good moves and doubts. They are driven by their tastes and move through games, gluttony and vanity...

Please, don’t get me wrong

One of the main characteristics of every human being is our capacity for imitation. Most of our behavior and tastes are copied from the rest. In everything we call “civilization” there is just a little bit of invention and a lot of imitation. (F. Savater)