Provisional Danza

Contemporary dance company of choreographer Carmen Werner

I’m going to miss you

Medium stage

Te voy a echar de menos

Tell it to me with your eyes, be quiet, don’t speak, don’t be quiet, with your eyes. Without words that ruin everything. With your eyes. Back straight, legs parallel, butt out. I’m going to the wall, I punish the wall like you punish me with your shoe. You are not here and I know I’m going to miss you, back straight, legs parallel, butt out.

Joint production Teatro Ensalle-Provisional Danza


Performers & Choreographers
Vicky P. Miranda
Carmen Werner

Stage Direction
Raquel Hernández
Pedro Fresneda

Scenic Space
Raquel Hernández
Pedro Fresneda

Pedro Fresneda

7ª sinfonía de Beethoven
Ella Fitzgerald
David Santos
Gabriel Celester

Assistant Director
Janet Novas